What is the Best Back Scratcher you ask?

Do you have that unscratchable itch? What do you do when you can't reach that itch?  The simplicity of our back scratcher will relieve your itchy back predicament.

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Considerations to look for when choosing back scratchers

Cause of the itching

Back scratchers are perfect for the everyday itch that you just can't reach. However, if you have eczema, chicken pox, or any other medical cause of your discomfort and itching, you may not want to go straight to a back scratcher as your first option for relief. Any medically caused itching or discomfort should be assessed by a doctor before you use a back scratchers.


Our Back scratcher are made from flexible rubber which conforms to your body and gets to wider part of your back or any other body part that needs itch relief.


 Other back scratchers are only a foot long. While a some may be slightly longer, you would likely need a metal telescopic back scratcher if you wanted anything longer than about a foot. But ours is much longer and you use both hands while pulling forward to get more pressure on your back. The more you pull the more relief you get where other back scratchers would bend or break when you apply too much pressure. Our back scratcher is made of flexible rubber so you can use as much pressure on your back and  instead of breaking, you'll simply get more back itch relief.

Rubberized gripping generally give the best results and offer the best downward pressure during use.

Some people  keep a back scratcher in their car, purse or office for easy use at any time. If this is something that's important to you, you'll know our back scratcher that can be easily reduced and stored.


Q. What makes a back scratcher versatile?

A. Telescopic models offer a range of lengths for you to use. There are a few models available that are also bendable, but they break often leaving this type of back scratcher usless and you've just wasted your hard earned money. Our back scratcher is simply the best made from rubber that easily contours to your body for the best possible back itch releif!

Q. How will my back scratcher last?

A. Made from durable rubber, your new back scratcher will last for many years to come.

Best back scratcher to itch my back


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