Why does it feel good to scratch my back?

Why does it feel good to scratch my back?

What should I use to scratch my back?


When you feel the urge to itch, it is because  receptors are sending a message to your brain. So taking fingernails or something sharp to scratch the surface of your skin, you are temporarily damaging these nerve endings which cause your brain to send serotonin chemicals to the itchy area.

This is why it feels good to scratch. You are damaging the things that are telling your brain about the itch so they can no longer send that signal getting a rush of serotonin. 

But be careful! You don’t want to scratch too much or too hard or you could hurt your skin and even may cause some bleeding due to the harshness of certian types of other back scratchers on the market. A better way to stop the itchy feeling is to rub the area trough your clothes. That will help turn off the receptors telling your brain to scratch without actually damaging the skin itself.The World's best Back Scratcher will actually grab your cloths and use the fabric as the scratching surface. The dozen little rubber knobbies 'grab' your clothes and moves it across your delicate skin relieving your itch without damage.

After all, your skin is your first line of defense against germs and so when you scratch it with your fingernails you are making it more likely something bad can get inside.

So, the next time you feel the need to scratch your skin, think about why is happening and why it may feel good to use a sharp object but also why you should think again and use our professional heavy duty grade back scratcher to get at that back itch.

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